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Our Favourite Venues

We’ve played in more different venues than we can remember but here are a few of our favourites!

Fuel Rock Club – Cardiff

This list wouldn’t be right if it didn’t start off here. Fuel Rock Club is on Womanby Street, a cultural hub of Cardiff. Before I go any further I must direct you to the #savewomanbysteet on Facebook and Twitter. The live venues there, including Fuel are in serious trouble and we have to fight to keep them alive (Links below). Now Fuel is our favourite venue because we have played there over and over since we started. Always accommodating and friendly, and always a laugh, we owe a lot to Fuel as they have given us a platform on which to play gigs and build a local following. Thank you so much from Sticks & Stones because we wouldn’t be your friendly neighbourhood pop punk band without that place.

Memorable Show: The Bottom Line in March 2014 tore the house down after we tore the stage down. More than that here:


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Bar 42 – Worthing

We arrived in Worthing on a freezing, wet day during our December run. We were shattered and run down but upon arriving at Bar 42 our spirits were lifted. After a lovely welcome from Mark, the owner who is a great guy, we explored the venue. They had a fridge made from an amp and tables from drum shells. This place was legit and the show we played there was great. Locals TEAL smashed it and the room was packed. Has anyone seen my Rey Mysterio mask?

We loved Bar 42 and are in a hurry to play there again. See you soon, Worthing!

Green Door Store – Brighton

Brighton is my favourite city to play outside of right here, in Cardiff, Wales (cheap pop). Green Door Store is located under the train station which is pretty cool. The place itself has cobblestone floors, high ceilings, awesome decorations, and a large stage! We’ve played there twice and both times it was a highlight of the tour. Thanks to those shows we’ve met some fantastic musicians (Shout out to Murderhouse, Don’t Worry, Evertim and Zoe Zori, you all rock). The sound engineer who was there on both occasions was Welsh too so that was nice and he always does a great job.

Keep an eye on us Brighton as we’ll be back and you don’t know what could be in (Green Door) store for you!

The Cavern – Exeter

We hit Exeter on our first tour back in 2014. The Cavern had that character that makes you fall in love with a place straight away. Evenu packed out their home leg of the tour too and we felt at home as we met all the lovely people who had come to the show. Great beer and a great sleep (If your name is Yogi, who managed to sleep through all the soundchecks and half of the first band on the sofa which is damn impressive).

Afterwards we all went on a night out in Exeter which was just hilarious. I recommend Firehouse to anyone who finds themselves there and check out The Cavern, it’s worth it, when it reopens in May.

The Flapper – Birmingham

In September, 2016, we got to support our good friends in Smart Casual when they sold out the Flapper. We arrived at what seemed like a cosy little pub next to one of the canals. Downstairs however was the shiniest little venue we’ve seen and it was just a pleasure to play there. The sound was superb, the crowd was nuts, the bands were all fantastic and it was a night we’ll never forget. Smart Casual were one of the most entertaining bands I’ve ever seen that night.

Thanks for reading, I guess now you know some cool venues to check out on your travels. Keep an eye on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram because we’ve got some cool stuff being announced soon!


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