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5 Things You Had To See


We’ve been playing shows for years now and we put our utmost into making sure each one is fun and different from the last. I’m going to list five things that  you had to see to believe because you never know what is going to happen when your friendly neighbourhood pop punk band is in town.

In summer 2015 we had a show cancelled in Swansea. We were supposed to be supporting Sweet Little Machine and being excited for the show I put it on in Fuel Bar instead. In an effort to fill out a gig booked one day in advance, Tom (Our bassist at the time) and I went to Weatherspoons to recruit some party goers. After singing the chorus of Dale Said to assure it was worth their time a stag party in beach attire headed in. During ‘Will You Still Call Me?’ the lot of them jumped up onstage and added to the antics with their backup dancing. Shout out to those guys, you were hilarious!

The Bottom Line have been a favourite of mine since ‘Role Models’ dropped in 2012. We were lucky enough to play with them in March 2014, again at Fuel. During a rowdy set in which the #CardiffHugSquad were out in full force , a bouncing room sent the speaker stack at the front of the stage to come crashing down onto poor Khalid beneath. Luckily he, and all the equipment, were okay.

One of the most bizarre nights so far must have been the Cardiff date of Smart Casual’s ‘Touring Back The Power’. For starters; Mind Step, Elite Days and Smart Casual were all epic and it was a fantastic show overall. The main reason this springs to mind however would be that there were 4 new World Heavyweight Champions crowned in one night, thanks to a string of successful Money In The Bank briefcase cash-ins. Andrew of Elite Days cashed in his contract on me as the show was starting and claimed the championship before Ladas smashed him in the skull, mid-set, winning the championship for Mind Step. They didn’t have it long however as Colin, with the same briefcase (who cares, it’s not like WWE know their own rules anyway) stole the belt and took it into Smart Casual’s set. I would then however cash in on him and win the Championship, settling a night of back and forth, thanks to Barry the crooked ref hitting the low blow on Colin.

Crowdsurfing is not a word commonly used in the same sentence as Library. This didn’t stop Sticks & Stones though during an acoustic set at lunchtime in the college library. The crowd gathered before us on chairs and sitting on the floor but before long there were bodies being passed along the rows. I keep forgetting this and then laughing whenever I’m reminded that people were crowdsurfing in a library.

Finally, this much less than conclusive list ends with a Halloween show in Fuel Bar a couple years ago. We decked out as Bray Wyatt, a werewolf jester, a fox and the mother of dragons herself Daenerys Targarian. H_ngM_n rocked it as zombie tennis players and The Summer War donned spooky make-up. We came armed with a bag of costumes anticipating people not dressing up and by the end of the night we had a surgeon, a reindeer, Loch Ness Monster, Frankenstein, vampire, pirate and much more. Shout out to Barry also who spent the whole night in a duck onesie, you’re absolutely quackers.

Thanks for reading, we have some big news coming very soon so keep an eye on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to get updates as-and-when they happen!

Barry the Duck

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