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New Songs: Discussion

Hey there! In this blog I’m going to be discussing a few of the ideas we have for our upcoming full-length album.

Jobber is one of the more recent additions to the album plan. It’s a fun, up-beat pop punk song with a bouncy opening and riff. I simply can’t wait to play this live. Musically there is a single chord repeated all the way through the song in the background of everything else, which gives a cool effect in the transitions between sections. The inspiration for this song came from an unlikely source (get ready WWE fans) and that’s none other than James Ellsworth. I compare myself to a jobber (wrestling lingo for a guy who loses to put others over) in the lyrics and even quote Ellsworth himself in the pre-chorus.

‘My spine is pulling at my strings and I just felt them snap
I feel like I entered the ring just to be slammed on the mat’



You Can Call Me Eddy is one of my favourite new songs and I can’t wait to see what it’s like full band rather than just acoustically. It’s about (in my mind) being feeling as if you’re easily replaceable in personal relationships. ‘You can call me Eddy, if you just don’t forget me’. Although Yogi, who wrote the song, would maybe describe that differently. There is a lovely bridge in this song which features one of the best bass licks in the album so far! There is one fun fact about this song too, as it has the official stamp of approval from none other than Ed Sheeran himself. I sung this song as a duet with him in work once (weird, I know).  There’s a shoddy quality video on our Facebook page alongside this article if you want to listen to Sticks & Stones feat. Ed Sheeran.

‘I feel like a lost soul, despite where my loyalties lie I’ll always walk alone’

Wingsuit is an acoustic song that was inspired by Far Cry 4. During a time where I was struggling to escape the thoughts inside my head I was binge-playing Far Cry and would often find the highest place around just to jump off and glide as far as I could. Flying through the air gave me a sense of freedom I wish I could’ve captured in real life and so I wrote a song about it. After setting the scene with a couple of verses and a nice guitar riff, the flight starts, as a distant trumpet creates the effect of the wind rushing by.

‘The mountains watch over me from under snow-covered peaks
As I glide endlessly on the wings I created from the thoughts and the memories’


Collecting is likely going to be our next single/music video. It’s a bit different lyrically, as rather than exploring our usual themes it simply tells stories from a bunch of nights out with my friends. It’s fun to sing about memories which put a smile on my face and the song has a personal factor in that names and places are included as they are. Residents of Cardiff might have a laugh hearing about Live Lounge and Metros, or have a chuckle when Hal Robson-Kanu is mentioned! Musically this is a catchy song, set out into a familiar structure. This song was inspired by my mate Tom Mitchell, thanks man!

‘I woke up fully clothed, barbed-wire in my throat
I have no idea how I even made it home
Why did I go out again? Just to see my friends’

These are just four of the new songs (there are many more written) and there’s no guarantee that they will even make the final tracklist but I thought it’d be fun to tell you all a little bit about them. Which song are you most excited to hear based on this article?  Let us know in the comments section.


Stamp COllecting


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