Dom’s Favourite Moments

The first thing that comes to mind is the night we met Smart Casual. I had gotten to Undertone really early, and was amongst the first people there. Whilst chilling outside, a band who I didn’t recognize showed up and as they were walking in, a guy in a CM Punk t-shirt complimented my own Sami Zayn t-shirt. If you are a wrestling fan, you know what this means!
Soon after the other guys in Sticks & Stones arrived, and we got on instantly! I remember Talbot, their drummer, being one of the funniest and nicest dudes I’d met at a show. After many a wrestling quote was exchanged with Colin, I tried to channel The Rock during the set, but he was to top me with a New Day introduction to one of their songs later in the night, which was one of the most bizarre moments I’ve witnessed at a gig. During their last song, we were told it was going to get heavy, so to mosh around or have a wrestling match or something. The next thing I did was hoist Barry up for a GTS, and suddenly there was a full-scale match underway in the tiny venue. Despite the bruises, that was just hilarious. Who Saves The Hero? were fantastic as always, even playing Little Miss Nobody on my drunken request, thanks guys! Our friends in Elite Days were so much fun that night too, they had my mate and I in stitches throughout their set!

Another thing would be when we played Stamp Collecting in Cardiff during our September run. The song, inspired by my friend Tom draws on memories of nights out with my mates. The same Tom was then at the front dancing with my Mum which will always make me chuckle.

For me on a personal level one of the most memorable shows so far was in Brighton later that week. during our September run. I’d never booked a gig and all the bands on my own outside of Cardiff before, so I was certain we’d be playing to an empty Green Door Store. Crowd or not, I couldn’t wait as we got to reunite with H_ngm_an, who had recovered from the zombiefied state we had last seem them in! I had been hooked on Evertim’s EP; Learn To Swim since I’d booked the show and Don’t Worry were sure to tear the house down headlining. The show ran smoothly and each band got to play to a great crowd! I had so much fun onstage that I forgot to tune my guitar to standard for ‘Distance’, much to Josh’s amusement. During Don’t Worry’s incredible set I looked around the room and to see so many people at a show I’d put so much work into was a big achievement for me; although I’m sure it’s more thanks to the amazing bands we were lucky enough to meet and to the city itself.

Another awesome show was the Pop Punk Pizza Party we put on years ago in one of the practice rooms at Cathays Community Centre. Far too many people were packed into that tiny room to witness sweaty sets from ourselves, Local Foreigners and My Life For Hire. People were bouncing off the walls and anything they could climb up on. It was unlike anything we’ve done anywhere else. We used footage in the video for Dale Said, which is linked below.



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