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December 2016 Tour Diary

Sticks & Stones // The Bold Survive Co-Headline Tour

Playing 9 shows in 10 days, we headed out to play venues of all shapes and sizes in places that for the most part, we hadn’t been to before. We started in our hometown, Cardiff. We played to a collective of familiar faces and had a great time, especially when everyone was dancing to our new song for tour, Stamp Collecting. I even stagedived, which is something that hasn’t happened for a long time! The next day we hit the road.

The Derby show was in a cute little pub which had a function room at the back, where the bands would play. It felt like an old bingo room or something. We played with some cool bands there, and got pissed with Northern Nightlights while we were at it. Leicester was much better than last time around, when we played to 4 people (Shout out to you guys). After seeing the awesome Harrison Rimmer we found out that the promoter for the next night had pulled the show. PANIC STATIONS. All was fine by the morning however and by night we were playing the most DIY show going. This was the first show where we were joined by The Bold Survive, who were best guys to tour with and played amazingly. One of my favourite memories of being in this band is when a man bought t-shirts for himself, his wife and his two children. We love you, Chris! Scunthorpe was next. Despite a 20 man brawl outside the bar, we met some great bands and The Lincoln Imp was one of the nicest venues we’ve ever played. Our logos were projected behind us, which was rad.

Following a lazy day off in Brighton (and Rogue One, of course) we had the short drive to Worthing, and Bar 42. This place was brilliant! Tables are made out of old bass drums, the fridge out of an amp. Local band TEAL completely packed it too and we got to play to about 70 people, I’d say. High Wycombe next, Phoenix Bar was really cool and it had an open fire. Despite the small crowd we got to see Penelope Tree, one of our favourite bands, which was epic. Back to Brighton and to a venue Sticks & Stones loves; Green Door Store. We met Murderhouse, who were insane, following on from Zoe Zori‘s brilliant acoustic set. We were so tired, but had fun onstage regardless. Finally, it was Bristol. After a hiccup with the organisation, the show went ahead. Highlighted by Luke Rainsford’s emotional set, and personally for me by a surprise organised by my girlfriend  at the time, who showed up without me knowing anything about it. After nearly falling off a table during our final show, and Yogi breaking his new glittery drumsticks he got for Christmas, we were done.

We would like to thank Steve, our legendary driver, for looking after us and getting us safely from A to B. Rex and Tyler also, for being great companions for us during downtimes. You guys were cute! Also all the bands, particularly The Bold Survive, Northern Nightlights and Evertim for being a part of the tour. Thanks to Legion Entertainment and all the venues we played at for being lovely. Finally, thanks to all of the people who came out and partied hard with us!


  • Playing the ‘Cantina Band’ from Star Wars on an upright piano in the middle of Leicester at 3am.
  • Playing to a massive room of people in Worthing.
  • Spending 10 days with my mates, doing what I want to do forever.
  • Watching so many amazing bands at all the shows and meeting loads of new friends.
  • Partying for 10 days straight leading up to Christmas!

Van Chills


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