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Yogi’s Favourite Moments

The thing that comes to mind immediately whenever I think back over the more memorable moments of our shows from the past, is the time our friend Joe dislocated his knee during one of our sets in Fuel. He was crowdsurfing and he fell onto the laminate, I didn’t see how he fell but it must have been pretty hard because the next time I saw him he was being helped by some paramedics. It comes to mind first because we made run of t-shirts afterwards with a print of Joe in a wheelchair after the show.

Whilst it’s not exactly a moment, I’ll never forget how cool it was to have a pair of pit-bulls called Rex and Tyler with us on our tour last December. They belonged to our driver, Steve who’s one of the coolest guys we’ve ever met. The dogs made the whole time on tour more relaxed, as on more than one occasion tensions rose during the run. Having them with us definitely helped to diffuse the bad moods. Plus our gear has never been more secure with Rex and Tyler on the lookout.

My most memorable show to date was when we supported Roam along with As It Is and Light You Up in Undertone back in 2014. It sticks out for a few reasons, for one I only brought breakables. I can tell you as the only local support it’s pretty embarrassing having to ask three touring drummers if you can borrow their stands! That’s not the reasons it’s my most memorable show. Playing a packed out show in a tiny basement club with three killer bands is. It’s definitely one of my proudest moments in Sticks & Stones.

One of the best times that come to mind during the first year and a half of Sticks & Stones was our first tour, and the night out we had after our show in Exeter. We’d played the Cavern earlier in the evening and the tour party was keen to enjoy the rest of the warm summer night. I’ll never forget the group of us turning up at Firehouse (a restaurant in the town) for the massive pizzas they served at one in the morning to find the place rammed full. It sticks out to me because it was he first time I’d ever felt like spending so much time and effort on making something out of this band of ours had paid off; enjoying the company of new friends in a city I’d never been to before, completely free of every-day problems for just a little while.

Joe in a Wheelchair


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